Research Interests

Organic and perovskite nano-optoelectronics

  • ​Light-matter interaction in chiral nanocavities

  • Chiral organic and perovskite photodetectors

  • Chiral organic and perovskite light-emitting devices

  • Light scattering by metallic and dielectric nanoparticles   

nanoantenna | 서울대 유기전자 나노광학 연구실
radiation control | 서울대 유기전자 나노광학 연구실

Machine-learning based inverse design of organic and perovskite optoelectronics

  • Rapid optimization of organic and perovskite LEDs

  • Design of circularly polarized organic and perovskite LEDs and photodetectors


Perovskite solar cells (PSCs)

  • Low-temperature-processed metal oxides for flexible PSCs​

  • High-throughput fabrication of PSCs​

perovskite solar cells.png
perovskite solar cells.png

Study of charge-transfer processes at organic heterojunctions

  • Effects of disorder on charge-transfer​

  • Charge-transfer doping of graphene

charge-transfer processes.png

Novel fabrication techniques

  • Very high-resolution OLEDs (pixel size smaller than 5 µm)

high resolution OLED.png
  • Transparent and flexible electrodes

  • Dry and room-temperature deposition of metal nanoparticles on organics

Spark-discharge-based, dry, room-temperature generation of gold nanoparticles, and its application to enhancement of the charge balance and the charge injection in OLEDs.

Modification of nanomaterials properties by electron beam

  • Analysis of e-beam-induced heating​

Temperature profiles in a polyimide substrate coated with a Cu layer under electron-beam irradiation with different acceleration voltage, calculated using Monte-Carlo and finite-element simulations
  • E-beam-induced adhesion enhancement