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  • Micro-concentrator photovoltaics using fluidic self-assembly technology, Seongkyu Cho, Wonseok Choi, Sunghoon Han, Jonhoi Kim, Amos C Lee, Su Deok Kim, Seo Woo Song, Changsoon Kim, Daewoon Lee*, Sunghoon Kwon*, Advanced Materials Technologies 6, 2100312 (2021).
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chiral pt complex. circularly polarized OLED
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그래핀 전사공정 투명전극 MoOx
유기 카이랄 광검출기 | 서울대 유기전자 나노광학 연구실
strain-responsive OLED | 서울대학교 유기전자 나노광학 연구실
spark discharge aerosol generation of gold nanoparticles, and its application to enhancement of charge injection in OLEDs. 금속 나노입자를 사용한 OLED 효율 향상
카이랄 Pt complex | 서울대학교 유기전자 나노광학 연구실
Amplified circularly polarized phosphorescence from co-assemblies of platinum(II) complexes. Cover image of Chemical Science
PFPE-coated PDMS stamp 전사공정
Eliminating the solvent-blocking requirement of interconnection layers in polymer tandem solar cells by thin-film transfer technique. 박막전사공정으로 제작된 고분자 탬덤태양전지
Multifunctional bilayer template for near-infrared-sensitive organic solar cells. 분자 배열과 무질서도가 태양전지에서서의 전하생성에 미치는 영향
Carbon-nanosheet based large-area electrochemical capacitor that is flexible, foldable, twistable, and stretchable
대면적 페로브스카이트 태양전지 정전분무 코팅기술
Hybrid organic tandem solar cell comprising small-molecule bottom and polymer:fullerene top subcells fabricated by thin-film transfer. 박막전사공정을 사용한 유기탠덤태양전지 제작
Scattering of surface plasmon polaritons at a planar interface by an embedded dielectric nanocube. 금속 내부의 나노큐브에 의한 플라즈몬 산란
dual-scale metal nanowire network transparent conductor for highly efficient and flexible organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). 은나노선 투명전극을 갖는 OLED 제작.
Low-temperature, dry transfer-printing of a patterned graphene monolayer. 전사공정에 의한 저온 건식 그래핀 패터닝
Multifunctional responsive fibers produced by dual liquid crystal core electrospinning
Triple-junction hybrid tandem solar cells with amorphous silicon and polymer-fullerene blends. 탠덤태양전지의 광학적 모델링.
Design and numerical analysis of surface plasmon-enhanced fin Ge-Si light-emitting diode. 플라즈몬을 활용한 Si-Ge LED
Controlled positioning of metal nanoparticles in an organic light-emitting device for enhanced quantum efficiency. 금속 나노입자를 내부에 삽입하여 OLED의 효율을 향상시킴
Investigation of the convergence behavior with fluctuation features in the Fourier modal analysis of a metallic grating
Analysis and optimization of surface plasmon-enhanced organic solar cells with a metallic crossed grating electrode. 표면 플라즈몬을 활용하여 유기태양전지의 흡수효율을 향상시킴.
Polymer tandem photovoltaic cells with molecularly intimate interfaces achieved by a thin-film transfer technique. 박막전사공정을 사용한 고분자 탬덤 태양전지의 제작
이온 트랩 양자컴퓨터 | 서울대학교 유기전자 나노광학 연구실
Organic photovoltaic cell in lateral-tandem configuration employing continuously-tuned microcavity sub-cells. 가로방향으로 배열된 subcell을 갖는 유기탠덤태야양전지 디자인
MEMS micromirros for ion trap quantum computer
Fabrication of organic light-emitting devices by low-pressure cold welding. 낮은 압력에서의 cold welding을 활용한 인광 OLED의 제작
Micropatterning of organic electronic devices by cold-welding. Cold welding을 사용한 OLED의 패터닝
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